This is my personal site where I plan to show some of my many interests. You will find information about kites, computers, woodworking, and music. Select the area at the left to choose a topic.

The kites link contains pictures of the kites I have made along with the kites I designed when I ran Sky Vision Kites.

The computers link contains information on computers. Both on new and old computers. Over the last few years I have been working on a project to restore software from the IBM 7000 line of computers, and the Burroughs 5500, and also a copy of Omnitab II that I have transribed. Here you will find software, information and simulators for most of the 7000 line.

The projects link contains photo of various projects I have built over the years. As I work on more I will try and use it as a photo blog of my progress.

The personal link as a copy of my resume, and some photos I have taken. I will add more here later.

If you have trouble emailing me directly you can use this page to send a message directly to me.

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