End Table

End Table

Overview and Construction

I built this End table to practice a real piece of furniture. Also this allowed me to practice building drawers. The table is made out of yellow pine. I did not take many pictures during construction. This was a practice piece, so overal it did not come out as nice as I would have liked.

The Piece was finished with:

  • 2 coats Shelack to seal wood.
  • 3 coats of oil based stain. These were allowed to dry for 15 minutes then wiped off.
  • 2 more coats of Shelack, to protect stain.
  • 3 coats of Spar Varnish.


img_1997 Top jointed together.
img_2000 Test fitting legs and sides.
img_2024 I used my Plow plane to put a groove in side to break up wide boarder.
img_2025 Draw build.
img_2026 Close up of front dovetails
img_2027 Close up of back dovetails
img_2028 Back off draw. Note the back does not go all the way since the bottom of draw is solid wood.
img_2030 Inside after I had glued the drawer runners to sides.
img_2071 Finished piece.
img_2072 img_2075
img_2074 Close up of drawer