Information about computers

Here you will find information about my various private computer projects.

Many years ago I was developing a unix/Xwindows based email client for myself, and started to work with Athena widgets. LessTif, QT, etc were not available at the time. I found myself extending and overwriting good chunks of Athena to get look and feel I wanted. So I ended up developing Xpw widget set. This set is easy to use since most of widgets are smart enough to display themselves in a meaningful way, and to return to the programmer in a nice clean way. I have not gotten back to the project in several years, but go here to see what is available. If you do any work on this please forward back to me any changes and I will incorporate them into sources and put up a new version.

Also back in late 80's I developed a macro assembler that could be easily ported to different architectures. I decided that I would make the source available to those who might be able to use it. I used it for a while when I was working with Minix 386, and it is very fast.

Over the last couple years my interest has been with the IBM 7000 series of computers. I have developed simulators for most of them now. Here is some pages about the various computers in the series and some recovered software. I will also be putting up my copy of CTSS which I have recovered with the help of Dave Pitts.

I have also developed a simulator for the Burroughs 5500 series of computers, this can be found at Here. This also includes some software that I have transcribed.

I also transcribed the source for OMNITAB II this runs on Unix with F2C and on Scope 3.1 for the CDC 6600. The source and tape images can be found here. I have been trying to get this to run on the B5500, however it is a huge program.

I am in the process of developing a simulator for the PDP10 KA10 and KI10, and perhaps the KL10A. This is not yet available for general release. If you are interested please contact me via email.