Mates Bed

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Mates Bed or Platform bed I made for my youngest daughter. This bed has three drawers on one side and three cubies on the other. The outside is made with paint grade maple and the insides are of poplar.

The first page is the construction of the central frame. This is designed to be sturdy, but not to weight to much. One side has 1/2 inch thick maple panels to act as shelves for stuff. This bed could easily be modified to include draws on each side or cubbies on each side. On top of the central frame will be a piece of 3/4 inch maple plywood. This will provide even support for the box frame. You could also insert more cross pieces across the top and elimiate the need for the plywood. This bed is designed such that a child could jump on it without cause any problems.

img_2181 Basic core frame. 3/4 inch thick poplar 2 inches wide. There are mortis and tenton joints in the corners for strengh.
img_2183 img_2182
Closeup of corner joint. These are mortis and tenton joints, with the tentons on the center peices.
img_2225 Tentons for end supports.
img_2185 Closeup of tenton joint for center cross supports.
img_2224 Tentons for center supports.
img_2187 Cross supports fitted in place
img_2189 Close up of cross support joint.
img_2196 After adding center support.
img_2197 Another picture of center support.
img_2198 Close up of lap joint for center support, end uses a dovetail joint.
img_2201 Top and bottom frames joined together. The vertical supports are put in place with four floating tentons per side.
img_2202 Close up of joints.
img_2221 Cubby bottoms are made with maple for strength. These were planed to 1/2 inch thick.
img_2222 A rabbit was put on the edge, these are going to be glued only in the front. This is to allow for expansion.
img_2223 Closeup of rabbit.
img_2200 Cubby bottoms test fitted into frame.
img_2203 Cubby bottoms installed, also showing the back panel for the cubbies. This is one peice of wood running length of bed. Note center support is not in place here.
Other angles showing cubby bottoms.
img_2218 Glue up of center frame.
img_2219 Adding center support.

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