This is my personal site where I show some of my many interests. You will find information about kites, computers, woodworking, and music. Select the area at the left to choose a topic.

The Kites link contains pictures of the kites I have made along with the kites I designed when I ran Sky Vision Kites.

The Computers link contains information on computers. Both on new and old computers. Over the last few years I have been working on a project to restore software from the IBM 7000 line of computers, and the Burroughs 5500, and also a copy of Omnitab II that I have transribed. Here you will find software, information and simulators for most of the 7000 line.

The Old Computers link contains information on older computers that I have either developed simulators for or have posted some information about them. Here you will find simulators for the full line of IBM 7000 series machines (excluding the IBM7030 Stretch), the Burroughs 5500, the Digital Equipment PDP10 (specifically the KA and KI). Along with some software that I have recovered for older computers, including OMNITAB II, CTSS, early versions of TOPS10.

The Projects link contains photo of various projects I have built over the years. As I work on more I will try and use it as a photo blog of my progress.

The About Me link as a copy of my resume, and some photos I have taken. I will add more here later.