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Fitting pieces

More piece cutting. Here I am working on back rest, slates for back and arms.


Joints part 2

img_1884 Close up of back mortis and tenon joint. It does not go all the way to top of leg, since I will be cutting back down after I have cut mortises for back slats.
img_1882 Adjusting back sizes.
img_1883 Notice joints for side and back pieces do not fit good.
img_1885 Close up of how tenons fit together.
img_1886 The side and the rails tenons are cut at an angle to allow them to seat fully into joint. This allows for a stronger joint than cutting one short so that it clears other one.
img_1887 Center support added.
img_1888 View showing it together.
img_1889 Testing spacing on back slats.
img_1891 Cutting the mortises for the lower back required some interesting tricks. I cut a couple pieces of scrap at angle to fix back rail at angle so that when I cut mortises they would be veritical. The slats have a tenon with a angle on them so that they can fit straight into back.
img_1892 I adjusted the shims until the leg was straight vertical.
img_1893 After all the slats have been cut to length and fitted into the mortis and tenon joints.
img_1890 Mortises cut for arms.
img_1894 Arms fit straight into the back legs so they need to have a angled tenon joint.
img_1895 Another view.

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