Wood Working Work Bench

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Page 4 Finished bench.

Finished Bench

Pictures of finished bench. I coated the bench with 3 coats of Poly-Acrylic, this is a great cover. Glue will not stick to it (don't wipe glue off, let it dry and use chisel to pop it off). After each coat I sanded with 400 grit sand paper. I used a cabinet scraper to get top very smooth and flat. I did a final rub down with 220 and 400 grid sand paper before I applied the finish. This is really only to get good surface for Poly to stick to.

Some views of the finished bench.

img_0829 End vise.
img_0830 Front view.
img_0831 Tool tray.
img_0832 A close up of top. As you can see I did not get boards of top joined very close. Mostly because it is not easy to plan boards on a work mate.
img_0834 Side vise.
img_0843 Another view of side vise.
img_0845 Front view of vise.
img_0835 Underside of side vise.
img_0836 End vise.
img_0837  img_0838 Vise and bench dogs in action.
img_0841 End vise.
img_0846  img_0847  img_0848 Checking flatness and level.

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