Wood Working Work Bench

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Page 2 The legs


I choose to build square frame legs since I felt this would offer the best stability. And easy construction.

I started by laminating 2 2x4's together to make some 4x4's. These were cut to size. The tops and bottoms were cut to about 1 inch short of the width of the top. The legs where cut to be about 4 inches shorter then I wanted the top of the bench to be. The bench ended up being about 3.5 inches thick.

img_0428 After the pieces where cut to size I used large mortis and tendon joints to hold the legs together. Here shows cutting the mortises in the tops and bottoms.
img_0460 And here the tendons for the legs.
img_0461 Another shot of the mortis.
img_0458 Nice tight fit.
img_0457 Test fit of the legs.
img_0537 I then laminated some 2x8's together to get cross supports. I then cut mortis and tendons for these.
img_0532 Dry test fit of frame.
img_0536 After the legs where glued I put pegs of 1/4inch.
img_0543 Test fitting top on, the clamps are because I had a large twist in the top at this point.
img_0548 After a lot of planing I finally got it to sit flat on legs.
img_0550 A shot down top shows that it is flat (the gentle curve is due to camera lens effect).

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