Wood Working Work Bench

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Page 3 Mounting vises.

Side Vise   End vise

The next step was to attach the vises. I used the same type vise for the front and the end vise. I cut a piece of 1x8 and trimmed it to size and then bolted it to the end of the bench. This is to prevent end grain from interfering with the vise. Also if the end gets messed up I can easily replace it. The side vise is much simpler.

img_0579 The end piece was cut to size.
img_0581 Then three holes were drilled in it for the 3-inch carriage bolts.
img_0582 I had to use an interesting arrangement of clamps to hold the end piece in place while I marked out the holes in the bench itself.
img_0583 Next I drilled holes for the rods and screw of the vise to pass through.
img_0584 I cut holes also to attach the bolts to hold the end cap on.
img_0586 Fitting the sleeve into the vise.
img_0587 Even not finished it seems to get filled with tools.
img_0588 I flipped the bench over and routed some 1/4 inch deep tracks to slip the legs into. I felt this would offer a bit more stability then just setting it on. In the end I chose to glue the top down. I set up guides so that I could route a straight channel.
img_0590 Finished channel.
img_0592 Making sure things are level.
img_0593 Here is the piece that I attached to provide a flat place to clamp to for the side vise.
img_0594 The other side.
img_0595 Another interesting clamp job so that everything would stay tight and straight.
img_0608 Finished end vise.
img_0609 Next I drilled holes for bench dogs. I purchased my bench dogs rather then make them. Hence the round holes.
img_0610 Quick test planing a board.

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