Oak Bookcase

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Glue up

Finishing off piece.

To finish the bookcase I first applied a "Golden Oak" stain that I had thinned with about 50% mineral spirits. This allowed the stain to act as more of a wash then as a stain. The object of this application was to blend the different colored pieces of wood, and bring out the grain.

After the stain had dried for 24 hours, I started applying the oil finish. I followed steps I found online. Basic process is:

  1. Apply danish oil to surface, and keep wet by reapplying for about 1 hour.
  2. Wipe dry.
  3. After 48 hours wet surface with oil again for 20 minutes, then start wet sanding with 220 girt sand paper. Then wipe dry (across grain).
  4. Repeat last step after 48 hour but with 320 grit.
  5. Same as above, but with 600 grit.
  6. Repeat last step until finish is smooth.
  7. Apply liquid wax and buff to desired gloss level.

When you are sanding you are allowing the wood dust that you sand off to act as a wood fill to fill in the pores of the wood. Since the wood is of same type it becomes invisible.

img_1457 After the stain was applied this is how shelf part looked.
img_1458 Shot of back panel after staining.
img_1460 Close up of stained shelves.
img_1576 Finished selve.
img_1575 Close up of finished shelf.

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