Oak Bookcase

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Still more parts.

Now that the front molding is cut, I can start work on the center self support, and the back frame.

Cutting shelf support

img_1391 The bottom and top of the shelf support is rabbeted into a stopped dado cut in center of top and bottom shelves.
img_1424 The top and the bottom of the center support has a sliding tenon to fit into rabbet in top and bottom shelf (see above).
img_1392 For middle shelves the center support fits with a lapped joint. Basicly cutout a section of at the center of the shelf to fit the center support.
img_1425 A similar cut is made in center support to hold each shelf. These were fixed so that the center support is indented into the shelf by 1/4 inch. The selves will be trimmed back to hold the center support for the back panel.
img_1422 Here is finished center support.

Rabbet for Back Frame

img_1401 I cut a 1 1/4" rabbet around the inside of the back to fit the frame into. After cutting a stop cut with my backsaw, I used my chisel to remove the rest.
img_1396 More removal.
img_1399 After cleanup the rabbet looks nice.
img_1417 Here you can see the rabbet to hold the back around inside of back.
img_1418 Here is a better shot looking at side, I still need to trim the shelves so that center of back will be flush with center post.
img_1435 Cut out for frame on top.
img_1436 Showing the ends where I did left dovetail. This is so that there is not a gap at corner.

Back Frame

img_1394 The edges of the back frame were routed with my plough plane with a groove that will be used to hold the plywood back panel.
img_1426 The center back panel support has a groove cut down both sides of it. Next a tenon is cut at both ends to fit into a mortise cut in center of back panel top and bottom supports.
img_1430 Here is mortise in top piece.
img_1433 Here is it put together.
img_1437 Frame cut, test assembly.
img_1438 Mortis and tenon joint for frame edge.

Kick (or toe) plate

img_1308 This is a pretty simple cut, the kick plates were cut to 2 1/4 inchs, then a 1/4inch rabbit was cut into top. Next a 3/8 inch by 1/4 inch tendon is cut on the ends. It starts 1/2 inch above floor.
img_1442 Cutting tenons for kick plates in side.
img_1439 Test fit of kick plates.
img_1443 Finished kick plates.

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