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Fitting pieces

More piece cutting. Here I am working on back rest, slates for back and arms.


Joints part 2

img_1896 Forming the arm rests.
img_1897 Side view.
img_1898 Tenion for leg to fit into.
img_1899 Tenion for arm to back leg.
img_1900 Carved arm rest to shape.
img_1960 I cut pins out of Wenge to hold joints together.
img_1961 The holes for the pins are offset so that they don't split.
img_1962 Pegs in place.
img_1958 Glue-up of sides.
img_1959 Closeup of top inlay before cleanup.
img_1974 Inlay after cleanup.
img_1963 Glue up of main part of bench.
img_1964 Another view. a angled tenon joint.
img_1966 Cut out for dovetail joint for the cross bar under seat.
img_1968 Other direction view.
img_1969 This shows the bottom of the slot.
img_1970 The seat slates are attached with pegs to keep them in place.
img_1971 Another view.

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