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Fitting pieces

The first step here is to insides of the front and back legs are at right angles and that the legs sit together without gap. If this is off you will never get bench square.


Joints part 1

img_1708 Make sure that the legs are parrelel to each other. If they are not parrelel, then you will never get the front and back supports straight. And you will never get a square frame. The next step is to make sure the seat supports and the back rest are all the same lenght. Also square off the ends to make doing the mortists easier. I started with the front legs and then moved to the back, doing the seat rails first. The front rail top is about 16.25 inches above the ground (+ about 1 inch for seat gives a 17 inch high seat). The back rail is set 3/4 of an inch below the front rail to give the seat a gentle cant.
img_1711 Also the insides of the legs must be at exactly a right angle.
img_1713 Laying out the markings for cutting the mortists for the front bars.
img_1716   a bit. /td>
img_1717 Cutting out the mortists, you will note that I made an error here. Remember measure three times and cut once... otherwise you will need to fix things.
img_1718 The otherside, this time I did it right.
img_1719 Back legs.
img_1720 Testing fit of back legs and back bar.
img_1721 Front legs. Here I am adjusting the width of the seat. The front to back seat distance is measured from the center of the back rail to the outside edge of the front rail and is set to around 16 and a half inchs. This is used to measure the lenght of the close spreaders. Which turned out to be 13 and 3/4 inchs.
img_1722 Another angle.
img_1727 Cross spreader.
img_1728 Mortise joint for lower spreader.
img_1730 Front and back legs showing layout of mortists for front rails and lower spreaders.
img_1723 Test fit for squarness. (The center support is just setting on rails to check lenght).
img_1724 The seat braces need to be cut correctly to have the right angle. Note I cut these a bit high, and will use my spokeshave to add a gentle curve to seat bottom to make it more comfortable.
img_1725 Closeup of front joint.
img_1726 Close up of back joint

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