XCdplay using Programers Widgets

Normal display     XCdplay screen shot
Expanded display XCdplay screen shot2
Tracklist Popup: XCdplay tracklist
Options popup: XCdplay options

While developing the Xpw library I am also developing a set of applications that utilize the new library. These are to test widget and provide examples of how to use them. The second one of these is a cdplayer for linux and solaris.

This CDplayer supports stacker drives, and will generate and read xmcd file track lists. It currently can not access extended track information, but the information will be preserved if changes are made.

If you wish to get a sneak peek at my new set you can download a dynamic binary of the xcdplay and try it out. If you do and find any problems please contact me. I would like to know what version of Xwindows you are running. If you find the application works good, drop me a note with the version of X and kernel you are running.