Software for the IBM 705/7080

Software for the IBM 7080

7080 Diagnostics

These diagnostics were recovered by Paul Pierce. These have been transcribe by Fausto Saporito and me. The original format of these are in the form of a autoflow listing. This provides a kind of a flowchart along with the listing. These have not been reproduced in the transcribed versions. Each diagnostic consists of a PDF document of the original diagnostics. A transcribed listing and a card deck to run it. The card decks are produced by running a perl script on the listing which verifies the text and produces a deck. Note all decks are straight ascii text.

  8metab.pdf 8mu98a.pdf 8rec.pdf 8sa01a.pdf 8sb05a.pdf 8sb09a.pdf 8sb15a.pdf 8se01.pdf 8tc10b.pdf 8tc15.pdf 8tc16a.pdf 8tc20a.pdf 8tr02a.pdf 8tr06a.pdf 8ts08a.pdf 8ts10a.pdf 8tu04c.pdf 8tu06a.pdf notes.pdf rrg80.pdf
DiagDescriptionPDFListing DeckNotes
4chan4 Channel tester PDF Listing DeckNot transcribed
5TY002AConsole Typewriter test PDF Listing Deck 
8CC01CConsole Card Reader PDF Listing Deck 
8CL01A Clock diag PDF Listing Deck 
8CU10ABasic CPU test PDF Listing Deck 
8CU10IBasic CPU test/w interupt PDF Listing Deck 
8CU29ACPU test. PDF Listing Deck 
8CU30BCPU test 2 PDF Listing Deck  
8CU31A705 Compatablity test. PDF Listing Deck Not finished
8CU35CCPU test. PDF Listing Deck 
8CU37CPU exceriser PDF Listing DeckNot transcribed
8ED01 Diag Tape Generator PDF Listing Deck  
8LD01Loaders PDF Listing Deck  

Note †: These decks may not be correct yet.