IBM 7010 Software

There are basicly 3 major pieces of software that have been recovered for the IBM 1410/7010, two operating systems and a diagnostics tape. Recovery of these are thanks to Paul Pierce.


Better documented of the two operating systems. This is a tape version, and includes support for 1301 disk, 7750 communications controller. Languages include Autocoder, Fortran, Cobol, IOCS and Sort. Unfortunatly we seem to be lacking a disk master tape so we can't at the moment generate a disk resident system.

The system tape comes from the Master PR-155 from Paul Pierces site tape adc00036, but I fixed it to clean up some parity errors in the data. So use this master tape: PR155 master. The master tape is not ment to be used to process data, only to sysgen for specific system. The following job will generate what is called a System Generation File (or SGF). Gensgf job, sim configuration file, listing. This system is set for a IBM7010 with 100K of memory, one 1301 disk on channel 1, tapes on channels 1, 2 and 3, unit devices on channels 1 and 2. Next step is to generate a systems operating file (or SOF), from the SGF with the packages wanted in best order for running. The jobs are gensof, sim init files, and resulting tape SOF tape. If you just want to play with PR155 use the SOF tape. It includes AUTOCODER, FORTRAN, COBOL, UTILITIES and SORT.

For some example jobs to run: (using sim init file).
AutocodeTest autocode job to sequence a file
PI to 10KPI to 10k digits, recoded from 1401
Prime numbers Fortran II Prime number test
LaplaceFortran Laplace transform. I'm not sure this one works

The following manuals may be helpfull in using PR155: (All manuals are stored at bitsavers) (Please use local mirror when downloading).
A22-1407-2_1410ref_Nov61.pdfReference to 1410
A22-0526-3_1410_princOps.pdfPrinciples of Operation
A22-0530-1_1410_priorityFea.pdfPriority Feature
C28-0318-3_1410_basicConcep.pdfIntro to PR155
C28-0319-4_1410_sysMonitor.pdfProgrammers Guide
C28-0351-5_1410_operGuide.pdfOperators Guide
C28-0321-1_1410teleProc.pdfTele-Processing Supervisor
C28-0323-1_1410randomSched.pdfRandom Processing Scheduler
C28-0405-2_1410_diskFileSys.pdfDisk File System
C28-0322-4_1410_basic_IOCS.pdfIOCS for PR155
C28-0326-2_Autocoder.pdfAutocoder manual
N28-1069_1410autocoderJul63.pdfAutocoder update
C28-0327-5_1410_Cobol.pdfCobol Programming
C28-0328-3_1410_Fortran.pdfFortran Programming
N27-1269_C28-0328-3_update.pdfFortran Update
C28-0353-3_1410_utilPgms.pdfUtility programs
C28-0404-1_1410_sort1301.pdfSort Program
C28-0352-5_1410_sysgen.pdfSystems generation guide

Note there are some other PR155 documents on bitsavers, but these cover all the features, the others are older or updates to older manuals.


Very little documentation exists for PR108. I have been able to run a simple autocoder job and compile a fortran program, but can't get it to run. The tape includes Autocode, IOCS, 2 Fortran compilers, Cobol and RPG. If you can generate sample jobs for this system please email them to be and I will add them here. I had to do a modification to get the system tape to run Fortran, I believe it might have been disabled in the original tape image. This is not a master tape, but a working system tape.
Simulator init file
Autocoder test job
Sample Cobol Program
Fortran Hello world
Fortran Prime Numbers
PR108 system tape
Fixed to run 20k Fortran
Job to enable 40k Fortran
Job to enable 20k Fortran

Documents that may be related to PR108 (All linkes point to bitsavers).
C28-0287-1_1410_osWith1301.pdfPossible Operators guide
C28-0309-1_1410_autocoder.pdfAutocoder docs
C28-0286_1410_iocsIndepAsm.pdfUsing IOCS standalone
J24-1468-1_1410fortran.pdfFortran Programming

Diagnostics tape

Diagnostics for the 1410 and 7010 and most of the peripherals. Mount tape on A0 and issue "boot mta0" to start. At OPTIONS? prompt enter the diagnostic name you with to run. If you enter only part of a name all diagnostics matching start of name will be run.

Tape Image.
Simulator init file.

Listing of files on tape.

CREATED 12-02-64 DUPED 8-11-65
(listing enclosed with tape)
R 001  CC01A
R 005  TC50C
R 011  C020B
R 012 C020B
R 013  C020B
R 014  C020B
R 021  C021B
R 025  C022D
R 051  CU01C
R 055  CU06B
R 061  CU25A
R 065  CU26A
R 073  CU02C
R 080  CU50A
R 090  CS30A
R 091  CS31A
R 092  CS32A
R 093  CS33A
R 094  CS34A
R 095  CS35A
R 096  CS36A
R 097  CS37A
R 098  CS38A
R 099  CS39A
R 101  CS03B
R 103  CS04B
R 105  CS06B
R 107  CS08B
R 109  CS10B
R 112  CS70A
R 114  CS73B
R 116  CS76B
R 121  CS41B
R 123  CS42B
R 125  CS43C
R 127  CS44B
R 129  CS46B
R 151  ST02D
R 153  ST03C
R 155  ST01B
R 171  ST81A
R 172  ST81A
R 201  T020C
R 205  T021C
R 206  T021C
R 208  T022D
R 209  T022D
R 251  MP01C
R 259  M003E
R 279  M011A
R 283  M012A
R 287  M013B
R 291  M014B
R 301  DA03E
R 305  DA05C
R 309  DA04F
R 313  DA01E
R 321  DI02C
R 325  DI04A
R 329  DI03B
R 333  DI01A
R 341  DN03A
R 345  DN06A
R 349  DN04A
R 353  DN01B
R 361  DR02C
R 365  DR04B
R 369  DR03B
R 373  DR01B
R 381  DC02B
R 383  DC04B
R 385  DC03B
R 387  DC01B
R 390  DU01A
R 503  RP01B
R 505 RP51A
R 513  RS01D
R 541  W001G (circled w/ W002G below)
R 545  W002G (circled w/ W001G above)
R 548  WR04A
R 551  WT01B
R 555  SF01B
R 560  QU50A
R 562  QU09B
R 564  QU14A
R 567  QU70B
R 568  QX01A
R R69  PC03A
R 572  PC04B
R 577  PC50A
R 583  PT01A
R 949  EX01B
R 951  UP51B