Expression Stunt Kite

The Expression is a true state of the art kite. featuring, chambered leading edge, leach line, winglets, and vents. The kite offers a truly unique flying experience. Winglets allow the kite to have rail straight tracking. Vents in the wing tips allow the kite to axel as it there was no winglets. Vents at the center of the sail reduce pull and allow for stalls to be held in high winds, without effecting the low end of the wind range.


5P 2P 5P Vented
Wing Span: 99"
Height: 40"
Weight: 8.5oz 5.5oz 9.0oz
Sail Area: 9.28ft^2
Wing Loading: 0.92 oz/sqft 0.59 oz/sqft 0.97 oz/sqft
Sail Cloth: 1/2oz Icarex
Frame: SkyShark 5P SkyShark 2P SkyShark 5P
Wind Range: 3-20 mph 1-6 mph 8-30 mph

Standard Color Patterns