Flash Fire Stunt Kite

Flash Fire Image

The Flash Fire line proved to be our most popular line. The orignal design was done as a 6' 3/4 kite only. I tuned the kite to have a solid feel at the end of the lines, but not a strong pull. The kites moderate forward speed and easy handling and recovery made it great for beginners. After a suggestion of a fellow flier I developed a 8' version, while not as popular, the full sized version was a very nice easy to handle team kite. The full sized 2300 framed version was dropped since it required a 2400 lower spreader so as not to break. This meant I had to stock more parts.


3/4 FullsizeFullsize 5PFullsize 2P
Wing Span: 72" 94"
Height: 34" 42"
Weight: 8.0oz 11oz10oz8oz
Sail Area: 8.34ft^211.13ft^210oz8oz
Wing Loading: 0.96 oz/sqft 0.99oz/sqft0.90oz/sqft0.72oz/sqft
Sail Cloth: 3/4oz Nylon 1/2oz Icarex
Frame: 2300 2300Sky Shark 5PSky Shark 2P
Wind Range: 4-20 mph4-20mph3-20mph1-6mph


Flash Fire Color Patterns