Spirit Stunt Kite

The Spirit was my first production stunt kite. It is a full size (8' 2" wing span) team stunt kite. The kite makes it easy to draw straight lines, but at the same time it will turn within it's wing tip, and is also very good at ground work. The kite has an interesting feature that, near the low end of it's wind range it can be set down in the center of the window with just a step forward. Because the Spirit kite has four standoffs and battens in the wing tips the kite is very quiet and stable when flying. Originally framed in ProSpar Comp 15, resulted in a wind range of 2-15mph, I re-framed it in SkyShark 5P rods which made the wind range from 3-18mph.


Prospar Comp 5P 3P
Wing Span: 96"
Height: 41"
Weight: 8.5oz 7.0oz 7.0oz
Sail Cloth: 3/4oz Nylon
Frame: CP278 SkyShark 5P Sky Shark 3P
Wind Range: 3-18 mph 3-20 mph 1-12 mph

Standard Color Patterns