Radix Stunt Kite

Radix Image The Radix is a good all around kite, its moderate forward speed make it good as a team or pairs kite. The Radix is a cross between a precision kite and a radical kite, it has great tracking, but will turn within a wingtip. This is made possible through the use of an active bridle, allowing the bridle the change geometry during turns, effectively two bridles in one. The Radix is good with ground work, easy to stall. Because of it's deep sail cut sail, belly launches and pancakes are easy to perform. It's curved leading edge makes it easy cartwheel, and tip stand.


23005P 2P 5P Vented
Wing Span: 99"
Height: 45"
Weight: 11.0oz9.5oz 7.5oz 11.5oz
Sail Area: 12.36ft^2
Wing Loading: 0.89 oz/sqft0.77 oz/sqft 0.61 oz/sqft 0.93 oz/sqft
Sail Cloth: 3/4oz Nylon1/2oz Icarex 1/2oz Icarex 1/2oz Icarex
Frame: 2300 CarbonSkyShark 5P SkyShark 2P SkyShark 5P
Wind Range: 3-18mph3-20 mph .5-6 mph 8-25 mph

Standard Color Patterns