Magic Stunt Kite

The Magic is a fast, responsive trick kite. It tracks good, has medium pull and is very responsive. It's small size allow the kite to be very nimble. Axels, feathers, pancakes, flat spins, coins, you name it, this kite can do them well and easily. The kite is designed to offer a good tracking, without losing the ability to preform advanced tricks. The kite responds will to a light touch and is easy to put on it's back in a turtle (or feather), and will pop back in the air with just a gentle tug. The kite will also spin very fast well within it's wingtip (actual center of spin is near stand off).


Protruded 3P
Wing Span: 84"
Height: 36"
Weight: 6.0oz 5.0oz
Sail Area: 6.30ft^2
Wing Loading: 0.95 oz/sqft 0.79 oz/sqft
Sail Cloth: 1/2oz Icarex
Frame: 2300 SkyShark 3P
Wind Range: 5-25 mph 5-25 mph