Free Spirit II Stunt Kite

The second version of the Free Spirit was designed in late 96. Wider than the Free Spirit I, and including a leach line resulted in a fast, quiet, responsive kite. Though not as fast as the original, the kite offered a less radical edge, turning the kite into a well rounded kite.


Protruded 2P 2300 Vented
Wing Span: 91"
Height: 43"
Weight: 8.5oz 5.0oz 9.0oz
Sail Area: 9.81ft^2
Wing Loading: 0.87 oz/sqft 0.51 oz/sqft 0.92 oz/sqft
Sail Cloth: 1/2oz Icarex
Frame: 2300 SkyShark 2P 2300
Wind Range: 3-18 mph 1-6 mph 8-25 mph

Standard Color Patterns