Free Spirit I Stunt Kite

The Free Spirit I designed as a radical kite, offered a fast, hard pulling kite. It featured good tracking, and good trickablity. The kite was redesigned into the Free Spirit II, since the Magic was much more radical, and the ultra-light version could not be built with Sky Shark wrapped rods, and the sail used rolled seams which increased production time. Also being only 6'5" wing span many assumed the kite to be a 3/4 kite, which is was not.


Protruded Ultra-Light Vented
Wing Span: 77"
Height: 45"
Weight: 10.0oz 7.0oz 11.0oz
Sail Area: 10.64ft^2
Wing Loading: 0.94 oz/sqft 0.66 oz/sqft 0.94 oz/sqft
Sail Cloth: 3/4oz Nylon 1/2oz Icarex 3/4 oz Nylon
Frame: 2300 1800 2300
Wind Range: 3-18 mph 1-6 mph 5-25 mph

Standard Color Patterns

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